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I love mentaiko!!! Mentaiko with sake ordor - it sounds good. It's so versatile, but I totally agree with you about just mentaiko over rice is the best combination.


yummy! I bought some cod roe in a jar with a vague memory of mentaiko spaghetti from my time in Japan. I was thinking I could re-create this dish at home? What do you think? any suggestions??!


i would LOVE it if you moved to fukuoka! *hint hint* LOL

...but i hate fish and don't like spicy food so i am not a fan of mentaiko. *sigh* i think there's a mentaiko company in my city, though....


I used to be addicted to conbini mentaiko onigiris and I thought they tasted pretty damn good, so when you said that cheap mentaiko is not that great....I can only imagine how the porsche of mentaiko tastes in your pix.




yum, i want to try it now! =P
i wonder if LA's japan village have places that serve these dishes you write about....

i doubt it though =|

i could only visually enjoy the food pics...


Did the tarako girls ever do a mentaiko version? I love metaiko too :)


When I first moved to Japan I thought mentaiko spaghetti was the most horrendous thing but it definitely grew on me, and by the time we left I enjoyed it.
That Japanese packaging is beautiful (although you're right about it being tedious to open / recycle).

Shibuya Tokyo

Incredible pics, great blog!

Cant say I'm into Mentaiko at all though.


After hearing how horrible the mentaiko readily available in markets are for people, I had to stop buying them... looking at your photos, I'm salivating!! Thanks for the visual stimulation ;-)

Any guidance on where or how I can go about purchasing quality mentaiko in Japan?

Thank you!


Thank you all for the comments.

Rona, this is probably too late but the easiest thing to do is mix the roe with soft or melted butter (the proportion can be anywhere from one part butter to two parts roe to one part butter to one part roe) and toss with cooked spaghetti.

Illahee, I'd love to at least visit Fukuoka/Hakata some day. I went to Kyushu when I did my cross-Japan tour, but Fukuoka and Nagasaki were completely bypassed. And they were the places I was most looking forward to!

Meemalee, I guess mentaiko is too spicy for the little ones, so no mentaiko girls. It's a good thing too, because those tarako girls really creeped me out!

Maria, how bad is mass-market mentaiko for you? I only object to the flavour, didn't know it was unhealthy. Expensive department store mentaiko is good, as is the Hakata mentaiko available, for some reason, at airports across Japan. We occasionally pick some up at Haneda.


Can you give me information on the material used for the box. My country of Trinidad is awash in unhealthy foam boxes. Most appreciated.

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